Magical 7

Kunstenaar: AnoukArt

Magical 7


Known as the ‘king of the flowers’,
the peony is a symbol of royalty and virtue.
It is also called the ‘flower of wealth and honour’ (fuguihua 富貴花)
and is widely used to represent wealth and honour.
Inspired by this flower (peony) and the golden age insects,
Magical 7 was born.
350 years after de Heem painted this highly detailed still life,
all of the insects painted in this still life, still exist today.
Can you find the 7 magical insects?
EDITION OF 7 +1 Artist’s Proof


Afmetingen (B x H x D): 147 x 147 x 0

Techniek: Fine Art Print

Dit werk is ingelijst en voorzien van 92% UV werend museumglas.

Artikelnummer: 12498

Verkoopprijs: € 3750.00


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