Inner Circles

Kunstenaar: AnoukArt


THE STORY OF THE FORGOTTEN TREASURES HIDDEN AWAY FROM THE WORLD. Dating from the early 1900s, a time when make-up had not gained widespread social acceptance, the powder cases gained popularity in the the 1930s. Later, compacts became popular souvenir items, both the Chicago and New York world's fairs of the 1930s included souvenir powder cases, and during holidays. Although compacts continued to be in widespread production up to the 1960s, their popularity diminished as the cosmetics industry created plastic containers that were designed to be discarded once the powder ran out. These were heavily advertised from the 1950s. Changing make-up trends, notably for natural rather than pale and powdered complexions from the late 1950s on, contributed to the declining popularity of the powder cases.


Afmetingen (B x H x D): 126 x 126 x 0

Techniek: Fotografie

Dit werk is ingelijst en voorzien van 92% UV werend museumglas.

Artikelnummer: 12261

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