Crystal Clear

Kunstenaar: AnoukArt

Crystal Clear


The term crystal is often used to refer to glassware that has
a more elegant form than the everyday glassware.
It has a misleading name because it is not crystal at all.
It is merely glass that contains lead oxide.
The use of the term crystal in glassware is retained
from the Venetian word Cristallo.
In the 15th century they used this word to describe the quartz
imitated by Italian glassmakers. For commercial reasons glassmakers started using the name crystal.
It has stuck around for centuries and remains popular.


Afmetingen (B x H x D): 125 x 125 x 0

Techniek: Fotografie

Dit werk is ingelijst en voorzien van 92% UV werend museumglas.

Artikelnummer: 12602


Dit kunstwerk is verkocht.

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