The use of colors and patterns are a reference to being young in the seventies, while the soft pastels indicate a naturally outgoing and complaisant character. But then, all of a sudden, you are shocked by the sharply contrasting transition to a hard, cobalt blue or a deep pink.

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This seems to refute the inner softness, but in fact it reveals the inclination to balance the feminine and masculine traits available in such abundance. At times, you can almost touch the personal barrier that prevents you from going on a razzle. That experience is intensified by the words chosen, the fragments of texts and the graphical chaos that ties it all together.

Convado grew up in the Caribbean at the advent of the sixties. The exact date and location of his birth are unknown. Surrounded by sun, sea and nature, this most likely influenced his free spirt. Not afraid to take initiative and risk, the little boy would dive into the sea without fear or hesitation. That same daring is so clearly present in his almost naïve style of writing and painting, making himself vulnerable to the outside world. In his teens and afterwards, Convado lived in the South of The Netherlands, yet nature remained an important element in his personal career. Then art and painting came his way. He educated himself to become the artist he is today: ever developing and strongly and constantly influenced by everything around him. A hunger for recognition and the beauty of youth seem to be elements of his creative struggle in his upcoming years as an artist.

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