De Kunstuitleen Den Haag

What can be rented?

Clients can choose from a wide range of contemporary fine art to suit most tastes and preferences. Rental works include original paintings and sculptures by top Dutch and International artists.

What time frame is involved?

Rentals are based on a monthly basis. The minimum amount of time art can be rented for is for four months, there is no maximum.

What does it cost?

Rentals are based upon the existing retail value of the work and are calculated at 1.75% of the value of the work, per one month. For instance, art valued at €1000,- will rent at €17,50 per one month.

What about purchasing art?

Art may be purchased at any time during the rental period.

What is the Renting & Saving System?

With our rent and saving system you can easily start your own art collection without spending a lot of money at once. This system comes with the right to change the artwork if you don’t like it. Basically you pay 3,75% of the value of the work, per one month.

2,5 % of that amount shall be used as your savings. You can use your savings to buy any work from our collection. Our advisors will be happy to explain how it works.

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